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Movie TitleYearCountryLengthDate of purchaseNr.
Blu-ray Wonder Woman2017Netherlands14105.01.20181114
Blu-ray Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016United Kingdom13407.12.20171113
Blu-ray A League of Their Own0United Kingdom007.12.20171112
Blu-ray Minions & Verschrikkelijke Ikke & Verschrikkelijke Ikke 20Netherlands026.11.20171111
Blu-ray Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice2016Netherlands15112.11.20171110
Blu-ray City of Ember2008Netherlands9512.11.20171109
Blu-ray Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them2016Netherlands13312.11.20171108
Blu-ray The LEGO Batman Movie2017Netherlands10412.11.20171107
Blu-ray The Amazing Spider-Man 22014Netherlands14212.11.20171106
Blu-ray Captain America: Civil War2016Netherlands14725.10.20171105
Blu-ray The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies2014Netherlands14425.10.20171104
Blu-ray X-Men: Apocalypse2016Netherlands14328.09.20171103
Blu-ray Kingsman: The Secret Service2014Netherlands12928.09.20171102
Blu-ray Suicide Squad0Netherlands028.09.20171101
DVD Avatar: The Last Airbender2005United Kingdom147818.04.20171100
Blu-ray Star Trek Beyond2016United Kingdom12218.04.20171099
Blu-ray My Neighbour Totoro1988United Kingdom8618.04.20171098
Blu-ray Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind1984United Kingdom11718.04.20171097
Blu-ray WALL-E2008United Kingdom9815.02.20171096
Blu-ray Toy Story 1-3: Box Set1995United Kingdom25215.02.20171095
Blu-ray Nederland van boven: Seizoen 22013Netherlands32729.01.20171094
Blu-ray Nederland van boven2011Netherlands30729.01.20171093
Blu-ray Deadpool2016Netherlands10802.01.20171092
Blu-ray Spectre2015Netherlands14802.01.20171091
Blu-ray Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation2015Netherlands13202.01.20171090
Blu-ray R.I.P.D. Rest In Peace Department2013United Kingdom9618.04.20161089
Blu-ray Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015Netherlands13508.11.20161088
Blu-ray The Boxtrolls2015United Kingdom9618.04.20161087
Blu-ray Avengers: Age of Ultron2015Netherlands14119.04.20161086
Blu-ray Jurassic World2015Netherlands12419.04.20161085
Blu-ray Riddick Collection2000United Kingdom27025.03.20161084
Blu-ray Aladdin1992United Kingdom9125.03.20161083
Blu-ray Inside Out2015United Kingdom9525.03.20161082
Blu-ray Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs1937United Kingdom8325.03.20161081
Blu-ray Hoe tem je een Draak 22014Netherlands10224.02.20161080
Blu-ray The Hobbit: The Motion Picture Trilogy2012Netherlands47126.02.20161079
Blu-ray Pocahontas1995United Kingdom8125.03.20161078
Blu-ray Home2015Netherlands9426.02.20161077
Blu-ray Penguins of Madagascar0Netherlands026.02.20161076
Blu-ray Big Hero 62014Netherlands10229.12.20151075
Blu-ray Chef2014Netherlands11529.12.20151074
Blu-ray Guardians of the Galaxy2014Netherlands12129.12.20151073
Blu-ray Atlantis: De Verzonken Stad2001Netherlands9629.12.20151072
Blu-ray Thor: The Dark World2013Netherlands11229.12.20151071
Blu-ray Turbo2013Netherlands9613.08.20151070
Blu-ray ParaNorman2012Netherlands013.08.20151069
Blu-ray Oblivion2013Netherlands12513.08.20151068
Blu-ray Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol2011Netherlands13213.08.20151067
Blu-ray Edge of Tomorrow2014Netherlands11313.08.20151066
Blu-ray The Avengers2012Netherlands14313.08.20151065
Blu-ray The Adjustment Bureau2011Netherlands10613.08.20151064
Blu-ray Frozen2013Netherlands10215.02.20151063
Blu-ray Star Wars: The Complete Saga1977United Kingdom80623.01.20151062
Blu-ray The Wind Rises2013Netherlands12703.01.20151061
Blu-ray The LEGO Movie2014Netherlands10203.01.20151060
Blu-ray Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 22013Netherlands9503.01.20151059
Blu-ray Divergent2014Netherlands14014.12.20141058
Blu-ray X-Men: Days of Future Past2014Netherlands13204.12.20141057
Blu-ray Star Trek Into Darkness2013Netherlands13229.11.20141056
Blu-ray The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug2013Netherlands18729.11.20141055
Blu-ray Toscaanse Bruiloft2014Netherlands018.11.20141054
Blu-ray Man of Steel2013Netherlands14318.11.20141053
Blu-ray Ender's Game2013Netherlands11418.11.20141052
Blu-ray Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014Netherlands13618.11.20141051
Blu-ray Moonraker1979United Kingdom12630.08.20141050
Blu-ray The Green Mile1999United Kingdom18930.08.20141049
Blu-ray Casino Royale2006Netherlands14530.08.20141048
Blu-ray World War Z2013Netherlands12323.08.20141047
Blu-ray The Wolverine2013Netherlands12623.08.20141046
Blu-ray Warm Bodies2013Netherlands9823.06.20141045
Blu-ray Riddick2013Netherlands12723.06.20141044
Blu-ray Pacific Rim2013Netherlands13123.06.20141043
Blu-ray The Hunger Games: Catching Fire2013Netherlands14623.06.20141042
Blu-ray Epic2013Netherlands10323.06.20141041
Blu-ray Monsters University2013United Kingdom10302.05.20141040
Blu-ray Jurassic Park 3D1993United Kingdom12702.05.20141039
Blu-ray Heroes: The Complete Collection2006United Kingdom337625.04.20141038
Blu-ray Mees Kees Op Kamp2013Netherlands7827.03.20141037
Blu-ray Mannenharten2013Netherlands9727.03.20141036
Blu-ray Chez Nous2013Netherlands10227.03.20141035
Blu-ray De Vijf Legendes2012Netherlands9713.02.20141034
Blu-ray Transformers: Dark of the Moon2011Netherlands15431.12.20131033
Blu-ray Legion/Priest0Netherlands031.12.20131032
Blu-ray G.I. Joe: Retaliation2013Netherlands12331.12.20131031
Blu-ray Total Recall2012Netherlands13028.12.20131030
Blu-ray Source Code2011Netherlands028.12.20131029
Blu-ray Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011Netherlands13228.12.20131028
Blu-ray Men in Black 32012Netherlands10628.12.20131027
Blu-ray Skyfall2012Netherlands14316.11.20131026
Blu-ray The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey2012Netherlands18316.11.20131025
Blu-ray Wreck-It Ralph2012Netherlands10125.09.20131024
Blu-ray De Reddertjes1977Netherlands7725.09.20131023
Blu-ray Het Regent Gehaktballen2009Netherlands9004.09.20131022
Blu-ray Pitch Perfect2012Netherlands11204.09.20131021
DVD Charmed: The Complete Eighth Season2005United Kingdom88121.08.20131020
DVD Charmed: The Sixth Season2003United Kingdom95026.07.20131019
DVD Charmed: The Seventh Season2004United Kingdom89626.07.20131018
Blu-ray Zombieland2009Netherlands8818.05.20131017
Blu-ray Wrath of the Titans2012Netherlands10018.05.20131016
Blu-ray Real Steel2011Netherlands12718.05.20131015
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Angel: Season Five (2003)
DVD215       Keep Case 1:1.78 Widescreen 16:9 Anamorph Dolby Digital 
Overview   Details   Cast & Crew  
Movie Information:
Year of Production:2003
Country of Origin:United States 
Running Time:15:13 hrs (913 minutes)
Rating:15 (Film)
DVD Information:
Edition:DVD Collection
Profile Date:13.09.2015
Last Edited:20.11.2015
Country:United Kingdom
Case Type:Keep Case
Collection Number:781
Purchased:27.03.2008 at CD WOW for 10,25 EUR
SRP: 40,34 EUR (34,99 GBP)
Tags:2008, Case Type, Case Type/Keep Case, Monsters/Vampire, Shop, Shop/Cdwow.com
Although wary of why he has been handed control of the Los Angeles law office of Wolfram and Hart, Angel nonetheless accepts the offer on behalf of Angel Investigations. For Angel is convinced the firm’s client files will help them eliminate the worst evil in Los Angeles. Fred is immediately put in charge of the science lab, while Wesley heads up the vast research department. Gunn’s mind is enhanced with a comprehensive knowledge of law, and Lorne runs the entertainment division. But the most puzzling part of their routine is Spike, seemingly brought back from death yet unable to leave the law office premises - and perhaps the "one" mentioned in the Shanshu prophecy.

01: Conviction
Some old acquaintances come back into Angel's life as he and his friends begin running Wolfram and Hart and try to figure out why they've been selected to do so.

02: Just Rewards
Angel and Spike challenge a necromancer who's unhappy with Wolfram and Hart's new leader.

03: Unleashed
Angel tries to help a young woman who has been turned into a werewolf and is being pursued by a group of truly rarefied gourmets.

04: Hell Bound
After being menaced by a series of ghosts no one else can see, Spike finally comes face to face with the spectral being who’s been trying to drag him to hell.

05: Life of the Party
Strange things happen when Lorne has his sleep removed right before Wolfram and Hart's big Halloween party.

06: The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco
While losing heart for his own career as a hero, Angel befriends a disheartened, elderly hero, and battles an Aztec warrior demon who literally eats the hearts of heroes.

07: Lineage
When Wesley's father visits Wolfram and Hart, the firm is attacked by a troop of spooky Ninja cyborgs.

08: Destiny
After Spike receives a strange package, Wolfram and Hart employees are possessed by evil... while Angel and Spike are set against each other in a quest that brings their 100-year-old rivalry to a head.

09: Harm's Way
When Harmony wakes up next to a dead man with vampire bites in his neck, she's afraid she lost her head and killed him... but she can't remember doing it.

10: Soul Purpose
While Spike is talked into taking up the good-deeds business, Eve let's loose a soul-sucking parasite on Angel, who then suffers disturbing, feverish hallucinations as he sleeps.

11: Damage
A deranged vampire slayer is convinced that Spike is the man who kidnapped and tortured her when she was a child.

12: You're Welcome
When Lindsey returns and tries to defeat Angel using a secret "failsafe" entity created by the powers that be, Cordelia emerges from her coma to help save angel.

13: Why We Fight
A Wold War ll submarine sailor - the only man Angel ever turned into a vampire since regaining his soul - returns to seek his revenge.

14: Smile Time
While Nina the werewolf shows romantic interest in Angel, he investigates a demon-infested children's television programme and gets turned into a puppet. Gunn makes a deal to keep his newly implanted mental powers; and Wes and Fred's relationship heats up.

15: A Hole in the World
After being breathed on by an ancient sarcophagus, Fred contracts a mysterious illness and lies near death while Angel and his friends try to figure out what's wrong with her.

16: Shells
Mourning Fred's death, Angel and his friends vow to find a way to bring her back, which leads to confrontation with the ancient god Illyria, who now occupies Fred's body.

17: Underneath
Angel, Gunn, and Spike rescue Lindsey from a suburban hell dimension. Lorne and Eve are pursued by a representative of the senior partners; and Wesley consoles Illyria, who hates her new world.

18: Origin
When a warlock brings Connor back into Angel's life, Wesley finds out that Angel has tinkered with the memories of his friends.

19: Time Bomb
As Angel and Hamilton urge Wesley to get rid of Illyria, she suffers a potentially cataclysmic physical breakdown; and Gunn clashes with Angel over the enforcement of an evil demon contract.

20: The Girl in Question
While Angel and Spike go to Italy to retrieve the head of a demon mobster (and save Buffy from a new suitor), Fred's parents arrive at Wolfram and Hart, looking for their daughter.

21: Power Play
As Angel's behaviour grows increasingly hostile, his friends learn he's associating with members of an evil secret society, and may have deliberately engineered Fred's death.

22: Not Fade Away
Angel and his friends prepare for their "suicide" attack on the circle of the Black Thorn.
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